People do chang…

People do change with time and with time situations do change which leads them to change…..

Most often you listen people saying that ” you have changed! “,but had they ever realized what situations lead you to change, because sometimes you may don’t want to  but time and situations do.  

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In the Middle of the Thoughts…

Sitting in my room when my mind was sailing on the pool of thoughts… Suddenly I came across a thought that, ” why I am thinking about this… is it coming to my mind by itself or it is because I want to think about it….”. Well I myself don’t know about this because one or the other day we always think about 


something once or twice or may be more than that with the roller coaster of emotions attached to it….

Its been said by a great writer that: “The Quality of your life is determined by the Quality of your thoughts.” So does that means that we can control our mind and our thoughts. Well…The quote in itself has a deeper truth inside i.e. The thoughts we have in our mind are of mostly two types, either they may be positive or negative. That explains very much  that if you go with negative ones than it may be destructive and vice versa. So it could be said that what you think can lead to what you get……But one more question arises here that how we can control our mind and thoughts, they come randomly to our minds, is it really easy to do this???

Well I could say here that spending your few moments with yourself everyday in peace thinking about only yourself and analyzing that who you are and understanding yourself could be the best way.  Just ask yourself this question: “Do you know yourself more better than  the other person in front of you?”.And yes Nothing is easy… you have to work hard to achieve something and controlling your mind is not less than an achievement, it is the best gift a person can give to himself…
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The facts may have proven something very right but sometimes listening to your heart gives you more satisfaction.

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